Spirit Wind Productions

The creative Spirit is more than an expression and reflection of who we are each in this world.  It is a synthesis of the person and our unique experiences and history, and of our sensory and perceptual intake filtering, circulating through the person and then pouring back out through unique and expansive expression, contribution    It is one of the most Empowering and self validation experiences, not only in the product,, but in the process.

To do this within and a part of community for the enrichment of both the person and those each that make up that community is a synergistic empowerment,  and synergistic expression of all.    It is collaborative process that is about the mutual give and take and co-creative spirit that is a reflection of our co-creative walk with the outer world in our daily lives.   And it is fun!

Spirit Wind Productions is Mary Ellen's Creative Community Co-op collective to give space and place for that self and other empowerment and creative collaboration.  Spirit Wind Production both hosts and produces community creative events to promote, support and bring forth the emergence of the collaborative creative spirit and community connection..   In the process, all go on a journey, all are lifted, and are transformed.

Celebrating the Creative Life Force Mystery!

 An Abundant Life


                               Recent Spirit Wind Ventures:

  • Coyote Dreamer's Drum and Play Gatherings

              Community Drum circle, Native American Communal Drumming, Storytelling and Drumming and

            Story Share, Vision Canvas

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  • A Mid-Summer's Night Magickal Eve

            A night of soaring, transcendent music, song & mystical storytelling in a magical garden setting.
            Vendors, artist displays, healing body work, tarot, complimentary refreshments and other magical offerings


Full Slideshow of pictures at:  

http://midsummersmagickaleve.snapfish.com/snapfish   (You will need to register for free Snapfish Pict group room)

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