Mary Ellen's View and Therapy Services

Therapy services from Mary Ellen are based on an assessment of where you see the difficulties, what is contributing to those difficulties and includes consideration of your strengths and efforts at finding options, resolution, coping. There are many avenues to dealing with difficulties and situations, therapy is one means to deal with those situations and difficulties that helps to define options, recognize and work with difficult feelings and provide opportunities for growth in life relationships and functioning.

Mary Ellen uses the approach tools which connect with you, and family as indicated and the situation based on your individual situation, needs and preferences. Mary Ellen offers short-term Brief services and if needed, longer-term. Mary Ellen is trained and well-experienced in the many approaches including Humanistic, R-E-T, Family Therapy, Brief Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral, Psychosocial, Validation, Biofeedback and Stress Management, Crisis and Trauma, CD and Mental Health and others.

Mary Ellen's view is of each one of us is whole, connected in mind, in body, in spirit as the whole we are and the gift we are. Patterns of relating and being develop in us all over time. New situations or difficulties, maybe loss, trauma, challenges, relationships, change emerge where the old patterns can't help or no longer apply. Behavior and feelings have purpose and are about finding ways to function and or cope.

Please see Mary Ellen's new chapter on How we Connect with Ourselves as the Gifts we Each Are and How we Connect from there to

Each other and to our World:  www.PeakVitality

Some Areas of Focus include but not limited to:

  • Relationship Issues, Family Issues
  • Adjustment, Change
  • Sexual Abuse, Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Partners of Survivors
  • Grief, Loss and Life Loss; Living with a Chronic or Terminal Illness
  • Sexuality; Sexual Orientation, Gay and Lesbian Lifestyle Issues
  • Depression, Anger, Rage, Trauma and Crisis
  • Psychiatric Disorders, Anxiety, Panic Attacks
  • Diversity Issues, Stress and Workplace Stress
  • Domestic Violence, Partner Abuse
  • Improving the Quality of your Life; Career Changes
  • Creativity and Wellness

Remember: It is not the "issue", but rather how it is affecting you and your life.


Life Enhancement Coaching Services

Life Enhancement Empowerment Sessions specific to your needs and goals that map out plans and strategies to achieve your highest goals in life and a balanced, abundant life.   In maximum efficiency and fullness of who you are and your passions.  Life and career goal strategies and mentoring tailored for YOU!    Feel Confident in saying "Yes!" to Opportunity. A strength-based approach

In office, by phone, or arranged special visits

An abundant life is waiting for you!

-Brain storming, life storming sessions

-Assessment and Evaluation of Work and Life Goals, and strengths

-Strategic Planning

-Practical Mentoring and Development Exercises 

-The Life Enhancement Adventure Plan

-On  Going Coaching and Group Sessions


Consultation Services:

What is Meant by Consultation?

Services requested by Mental Health, Social Service and Human Service Companies, Organizations, Groups, For Profits and Not-for-Profits,

or even Individuals for the purpose of:

  • Inter and Intra Team Building, Team Collaboration
  • Development, Review of Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance, Quality Systems and Utilization Review
  • Program Development
  • Staff training
  • Continuing Education
  • Review and Troubleshooting of Human Work and Team Systems
  • Development of Work Celebrations, Rituals
  • Research for Development
  • Networking
  • Stress Management; Workplace Wellness
  • Collaboration
  • Advocacy and Empowerment Strategies
  • Individual and Team Mentoring, Coaching
  • Staff Crisis Intervention and Brief Counseling
  • Individual and Team Grief Support
  • Traumatic Incident Processing
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